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PlocBook helps teams work together and work efficiently. Imagine having a staff timesheet at the tip of your fingers. Imagine knowing the on-site inventory by having a quick look at your phone. Imagine checking the work progress through the 24 / 7 cloud server at anytime you like. By simplifying the field job management process, your team can worry less and focus on complete service or project works. 


From the office to the field, we had you covered!




Create Job

Create a job with a list of tasks & supporting documents. Then assign one or more coordinators to manage the team on the site. 




The PlocBook user can clock in members of your team working on a project with a touch of a mobile device.  Day-to-day work hours are clear and easy to see. No dramas. 



Site-Inventory Control

Manage & monitor stock usages at the field, and also track down important tool or item. Every single change in the on-site inventory is updated and recorded in the cloud server. We're talking real-time. 



Progress Updates

Allows your team to upload the latest work progress through photos & videos  for you to view at anytime, anywhere.  

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Lightens the load

PlocBook brings everything together for you, making field job management easy, whilst keeping you involved throughout via a smart mobile device. It handles the tedious things for you because it knows you would rather focus on more important things - like growing a new business. 


Mobile Friendly

It's 3G/4G world. PlocBook is designed and made for mobile devices, so you can take it with you on-the-go. 

Secure Cloud Server

A team is not made of one person. PlocBook allows multiple users to work on one or multiple jobs simultaneously. 


24 / 7 Access 

You can access the PlocBook Field Job Managmenet Software whenever you feel like - whether it's 5 AM or 5 PM. 



Recieve professional and fast support via Face to Face Consulation, Phone/Video Call, or 24/7 Email. We know you don't like to wait. 


Professional Reports

Control work hours of your project and crew in the app by click of finger. 

User Management

Control user access level for your staffs.


Capable of Integration with



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